Kimsooj,s Bottari

On October 21st, I visited the Vancouver Art Gallery to meet with fellow artist, Anni Hunt, to browse the new events coming to the gallery. This is a huge gallery located in the middle of Vancouver in a large heritage building. It comes complete with a superb coffee shop, gift shop and multiple concurrent shows. They were just setting up a huge show for Charles Edenshaw who was a premier native artist who lived and produced varied beautiful works in the 19th and 20th centuries. Unfortunately it opens on the same day that we return to England but will be well worth the effort to see as it runs until February 2nd, 2014. We had sneak peeks while they were setting it up.
What we did see was a show by Korean textile artist, Kimsooja. She has used old wearables including old silk pieces, for many of her displays along with many of her stitched works. We took a couple of photos of one of her display rooms along with an explanation of ‘bottari’ as shown below.




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