Snow in Spring and all that jazz



Spent 3 hours so far today giving each and every Uk member a page of their own on the SDA uk blog

I wonder what will happen to all these pristine blank pages will members fill them with news and imagery and all the exciting things that happen in the life of a Surface Design Artist or will the UK  have the largest blog devoid of any work,we will see.

I decided to challenge myself as I like to do every so often and take an online course slightly to the side of what I normally work on,embroidery is no stranger but it is a while since I learnt new things.

Karen Ruane is the best in the business and runs an awesome online classroom,so off I went.

I am in the middle of lots of work both for myself for my students inmy own  online Nunofelt  course at

getting ready for teaching in Fano and Italy and Belgium this summer,so lots to do without adding more in. In my opinion this is when we are k/at our most receptive to new things and it works for me


3 comments on “Snow in Spring and all that jazz

  1. Well done Chrissie for devoting so much time to setting up member pages. I will do my best to sort out some info and images for you. I feel very much a beginner in the realm of surface design but am keen to design my own fabrics and am always learning.

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